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Project Coaching

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About the Course

ATAC's Coaching services provide seasoned, flexible coaches able to relate similarities gained from lean improvements in large and small healthcare, manufacturing, and service organizations. ATAC partners with leaders to define their lean journey by helping develop clear strategies linked to their vision and aligned to tactical objectives. Our coaches have over ten years of experience coaching Senior Leaders and Department Leaders in the healthcare industry. Benefits of Auburn Coaching include:

  • Honesty: Provide candid feedback to Senior Leadership on Lean Implementation and Progression.
  • Development: Increase Project Leaders' capabilities by asking specific questions, making corrections, teaching, and working with Project Leaders on next steps to move the project forward.
  • Accountability: Follow-up with Project Leaders on the next steps to verify the project progression.
  • Learning: Reflection with Senior Leaders and Project Leaders on what they have learned since the previous coaching session.
  • Knowledge: Expert knowledge of the application of Lean tools and how the tools integrate with an organization’s strategies.


A typical coaching day includes:




30 Minutes Reflection and Improvement from last visit Project team members and AU Coach
4–5 Hours 4–5 project visits (e.g. visual management board)—one hour per project to guide, ask questions, asnwer questions, provide feedback, and confirm next steps for next visit Project leader(s), senior leader, and AU Coach
30 Minutes Reflection, next steps, and next visit with CEO CEO and AU Coach

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