Kaizen Event

Kaizen Event

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About the Course

Kaizen events identify and eliminate waste as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost. The greatest benefit of an RIE event is the nearly instantaneous recognition of improvement.

Kaizen events range from one to five days and utilize three components: Focused Scope, Aggressive Goal and Cross-Functional Teams.

Aggressive goals are set early in the process and achieved by the last day of the event. Solutions are not simply put on paper, but rather implemented during the process. Team members see their suggestions being implemented during the event, reinforcing the idea that they are having an immediate, positive impact on their plant's efficiency.

A typical four-day event consists of: training teams, implementing improvements in the area, identifying problems, defining current process, observing, sketching process and collecting data, brainstorming suggestions for improvement, implementing solutions (rearrange equipment, modify machines, change methods, etc.). The team measures improvements and verifies solutions, and presents event results to management and shop floor personnel.


Kaizen Events may focus on the following areas:

  • Elimination of Waste

  • Workplace Organization

  • Quality/Errors

  • Inventory Reduction

  • Cellular Flow/Cycle Time Reduction

  • Quick Changeover

  • Total Productive Maintenance

  • Safety


  • PREP Phase
    • Target area & Boundaries

    • Scope

    • Baseline

    • Goals

    • Team

    • Facilities

    • Support

    • Logistics

    • Supplies

  • Phase (Day)  1
    • Kickoff w/ Cross functional team

    • Training on Kaizen tools

    • Observe Waste & analyze process

    • Set goals

  • Phase 2
    • Team formulates process improvements

    • Brainstorm

    • Try-storm shop floor changes

    • Implement

  • Phase 3
    • More process improvement

    • Refine changes

    • Restart process

  • Phase 4
    • Measure results

    • Standardize Changes

    • Present results

    • Open Action Items

    • Coaching

    • Celebrate!

  • Phase 5
    • Start follow-through

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