Capitalize on your investment in Lean using TWI

You have invested in Lean training for your employees. You have undertaken serious efforts to implement continuous improvement within your organization. Training Within Industry (TWI) is the next link in creating and sustaining a Lean Enterprise. This three-component program is the ideal process for training people within your industry who are responsible for training others in job skills, monitoring and effectively managing continuous improvement initiatives, and doing so with consistent and proven results.

TWI has proven results in:
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Services
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Construction

TWI is recommended for anyone who is responsible in their job roles for:
  • Teaching another person a job or method
  • Improving a job or method
  • Dealing with other employees

TWI Modules
TWI includes three modules of training that teach basic skills to help supervisors and other employees to make the transition from hierarchical "command & control" organizations to flatter, team-oriented organizations. These courses/modules are comprised of Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM), Job Relations (JR).


Some benefits of TWI are:

  • 86% of companies increased production by at least 25%
  • 100% reduced training time by more than 35%
  • 55% reduced scrap by at least 25%

Each TWI course module is structured as five two-hour sessions with 8 - 10 trainees.