Six Sigma - Green Belt:

Learn to implement improvement projects

David Hicks - Six Sigma Instructor

Six Sigma Green Belt qualified team members contribute to the company through team projects, data collection, and analysis. Developing Green Belts in an organization is very important for the overall success of the Six Sigma initiatives. Benefits to the company are realized only when process information, through appropriate analysis, is transformed into knowledge and action.

Six Sigma Green Belt training provides candidates the tools to turn that information into knowledge that can be utilized throughout the company. Our one-week program encompasses about 35 training contact hours. Green Belt candidates can be employees at virtually all levels of the organization. They are not, however, usually in full-time process improvement positions. The designation “Green Belt” refers to people who have mastered the basic skills, and are assigned to Six Sigma projects as needed. Green Belts are usually led by the Black Belts to apply the right tools at the right time to make difficult problems.

Course Description

The Green Belt class focuses on basic project management skills, with the addition of more detailed analysis of data, experimental techniques, and decision making. The Green Belt lass requires about 60 hours of work, about 28 hours pre-work before class and 36 in class (5 day class) . Although the material requires only basic math skills, familiarity with using a calculator, looking up data in tables, and choosing the correct formulas are critical to success. An open book exam covering the pre-work and class work material completes the week. A project is not required for the Green Belt, but many organizations require their team members to complete a project in-house. Project coaching is available upon request.

Green Belt classes are highly interactive, using multiple simulations and examples to teach the concepts and keep class interesting and applicable to common business challenges.

Data Collection and Analysis ExerciseGreen Belt Students using simulations to learn about data collection and analysis
Green Belt Students using simulations to learn about data collection & analysis

Green Belt Topics (following the ASQ Green Belt Body of Knowledge):

  • The Role of Six Sigma & Lean
  • Defining Six Sigma Projects in alignment with organizational goals
  • Quality Techniques- FMEA, Design for Six Sigma
  • Managing Six Sigma Projects and Teams
  • Process analysis and Documentation
  • Probability, Distributions and basic statistical calculations
  • Measurement and Sampling of Processes and Capabilities- Gage R&R, Cp, Cpk
  • Analysis of data
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Design of Experiments
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Project Control

Six Sigma classes are offered multiple times each year in an open enrollment format at various locations around the state of Alabama. We also offer on-site classes for companies who have enough students for a full class. Companies sometimes host open enrollment classes at their facilities if there is enough local interest.

For More Information about Six Sigma Green Belt Contact:

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