AS 9100 Familiarization Seminar

Class Description:

The purpose of this training seminar is to familiarize the learner with the background, evolution, and structure of the AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management Systems Requirements Standard., and how organizations can become registered by an accreditation body.

Training Overview:
This course is designed to equip the learner with a working know ledge of the SAE AS 9100 aerospace quality management systems requirements standard. With the knowledge gained from the course, learners will be prepared begin quality management system implementation planning and registrar selection activities in their organization. The course includes self-check and discussion sessions to reinforce learning as well as an audit simulation activity. During the simulation activity the learner will use the AS 9101 aerospace quality management system assessment standard to build a brief audit checklist. The idea of the simulation is to allow the learner to experience an audit from both the auditor and auditee perspective.

Specific Key topics to be addressed:
Background & Purpose of AS 9100,
AS 9100 and the FAA,
ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100C comparison,
AS 9100C: Elements of the standard,
AS 9101: Assessment criteria for certification, and
The AS 9100 Certification Path

Hands-on training activities:
Self-check and discussion sessions
Audit simulation

Training Objectives: Upon completion of the training the learner should be equipped to:

  • Describe the origin and development of AS9100
  • Explain the purpose of the AS9100 Standard
  • Compare FAA Regulation 21.303 to specific AS9100C Requirements
  • Contrast AS9100C Requirements with ISO 9001:2008
  • Explain the purpose of internal audits
  • Define registrar, AS9101 check list, and nonconformance report
  • Explain and diagram the path to AS9100 certification

Participant guide, class handouts and materials, and a certificate of completion will be included with the course.