Alabama Operational Efficiency and Sustainability Summer Intern Program

The AOES Summer Intern Program is a partnership among state universities and Alabama manufacturers. The universities include Auburn University and the University of Alabama, both affiliates of Alabama Technology Network. This is the fourth year that ATN - Auburn University has offered this program.

The goals of this program are to:
  • Help Alabama companies improve process (efficiency), reduce costs of operation, increase sustainability, and promote workforce development & career readiness;
  • Help students receive valuable hands-on experience, apply theory learned in the classroom to “real world” challenges, acquire discipline working in a structured environment, and learn “people skills” that will prepare them for entering the workforce.
Program Process:

Companies are contacted about their interest in our internship program and asked about the education background they prefer in their prospective intern. We contact the college within Auburn University and ask for students interested in interning with local manufacturers. Our office screens the student candidates and submits the candidate’s resumes to the company for review in order to set-up interviews with the most highly qualified intern candidates.

After interviewing the candidates, the company selects their intern. The intern is then “hired” by our office and becomes an Auburn University employee. This process eliminates the company’s hiring process which could include drug screening, credit checks, contacting references and setting-up a payroll plan. Even though the intern is hired by the University, the intern works during the summer as an employee of the company – following the company’s rules and regulations (showing-up on time, taking scheduled breaks and lunch, following safety and general employee regulations).

If your company is committed to improving process efficiency, increasing sustainability and implementing practical solutions that reduce expenses plus committed to developing potential future employees, then your company is a candidate for our internship program. Intern backgrounds can include: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Industrial & Systems Engineering, Finance, Sustainability and Logistics (plus other backgrounds requested by company).

Companies applying for a summer intern must:
  • Be located in or around Auburn (manufacturers and other industries encouraged to apply);
  • Identify projects suitable for an intern that supports long-term process improvement, energy efficiency or waste reduction and includes support for the student’s growth in workforce skills development and education;
  • Assign a company mentor to work directly with the student intern;
  • At the conclusion of the internship, the company agrees to share project impacts and outcomes; and
  • Commit to the fixed cost of $10,000 for an intern for the 12 week program (May 15th – August 11th).
Company Benefits:
  • Receive a full-time summer employee to work on the process improvement, engineering, energy efficiency, finance and waste reduction projects that company employees never seem to get around to completing;
  • Intern is an employee of Auburn University, so your company doesn’t have the new employee tasks of drug testing and back-ground checks. Plus payroll and medical insurance are handled by Auburn University; and
  • Program cost ($10,000) can be paid in two installments plus program can be cancelled if not satisfied with service provided.

For more information or to begin the application process Contact:

Tai Boos; 334.844.3890;