Client Testimonials

Thousands of companies and non-profit groups have become more productive and more competitive through ATAC's assistance over its more than 30-year history. Those firms have benefitted in various ways -- from cost savings, to improvements in efficiency and operations, increased sales and profits, to increased job satisfaction among their employees. Following are some of the things our clients have said about our assistance:


Video: Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., Troy, AL.

Eric Scott, Deputy General Manager talks about ATAC's assistance to the firm in managing growth, reducing production lead times, and improving quality and cost management.

Overall, the training was an amazing experience. I grew as a person, and as a professional. The teaching was spot on, and the instructors were passionate. This made it really easy to stay focused on the material. The tools and knowledge I gained could be put to use immediately, which is helpful to facilitate my learning. Also, I felt motivated by the team! Once I left I wanted to get back and wanted to dive right in. Great, great experience.
-- Orlando Jones, Supervison/CI Specialist, Invacare, Inc., Sanford    FL

"Thanks for offering this (Innovation Webinar). It re stirred my innovative juices. We need this as a company from time to time so we don’t get lulled to sleep by doing the same thing over and over. I tell my guys all the time, just because a process has made us profit and has so for several years, it does not mean it is the right way or the best way to do it."
--Riley A. Blackmon, Plant Manager, Mayco Industries, Homewood, Ala.

"Although we are not producing a large number of orders at the present time, without this certification we would have been removed from the supplier list altogether. Without question, once the economy turns around, we will be more competitive than we were. We have cut back on production due to the economic downturn, but we have not had to cut jobs. Without the AS 9100 certification, we would have lost two positions."
-- Wayne Barnard, President, Marshall Precision Manufacturing Inc., Guntersbville, Ala.

" . . . by (ATAC training and assistance) improving the cross-training of our operators, we have not only improved production efficiency, but we have avoided layoffs."
-- Marie Buchanan, Production Coordinator, Hoerbiger Automotive, Auburn. Ala.

"This is awesome training. The interaction, participation, and practical application are excellent."
-- Bob Ottman, Senior V.P. Claims, Aflac, Columbus, Ga.

Eureka Winning Ways gave us a very effective way to get our ideas organized, evaluate them, and conduct the necessary market research to better guarantee success."
-- Rich Scott, President, Quality Filters Inc., Robertsdale, AL

"ATAC has taken the time to get to know and understand our business. That knowledge, coupled with an objective eye, makes it easier for us to implement and sustain improvements. Conservatively, I would say that the assistance provided by ATAC has helped us to increase annual sales by more than $143,000."
-- Jonathan Long, Director of Manufacturing, Automatic SMP, Decatur, AL

"Once we tried it, we quickly saw how TWI can help us in not only conducting our training more quickly and efficiently, but we also saw how it tremendously boosts quality, aids in standardizing our manufacturing process and the transfer of job skills knowledge, as well as increases employee morale."
-- Cohen Vickers, Lean Facilitator, AmTech, Alexander City, AL

"We are seeing production lead and cycle times being reduced on our assembly lines in almost daily increments. Along with lead and cycle time improvements, we are reducing waste and creating more efficient product flow through the manufacturing processes. Every unit that ATAC has worked with us on has shown dramatic improvement. This is a momentum that we want to continue."
-- Eric Scott, Production Control Manager, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., Troy, AL

"We looked at Lean from a number of different sources under a number of different names. What ultimately sold us on ATAC are its hands-on approach . . . . By simply making changes in the way product flows through the assembly area, we immediately improved efficiency."
-- Dennis Webster, President and CEO, Bush Hog®, Selma, AL

"We have employed Six Sigma projects on a number of our process areas, and through partnering with ATAC, we have trained some 70 green and black belts within our company. The improvements that we’ve achieved through applying Six Sigma in our Jackson (Ala.) paper mill have been noticed and are now being applied in other Boise facilities."
-- Marty Parker, Boise Inc., Jackson, AL

"We had to develop some formal structure. Auburn and the ATN had the expertise and resources that enabled us to do this thoroughly and within a desirable scope of time. It’s a complete success story all the way."
-- Marty Clark, General Manager, SEA Wire & Cable, Inc., Madison, AL

"With a Lean philosophy, we are able to provide top quality products at competitive prices. By driving waste out of the system, we have controlled costs and thus positioned our business to serve customers at a value -- high quality at competitive pricing -- that is highly desired."
-- Brian Jones, Wedge Manufacturing, Birmingham, AL

"We needed to have operating standards, but we did not have the expertise and manpower in house to help us develop them. (Working with ATAC) We actually were able to meet our need in a quick and timely manner for less cost than any other option we considered."
--Hugh Buford, General Manager, Jo-Ann, Opelika, AL

"We have seen improvements in our marketing and sales, in our employee morale and effectiveness, increased participation by all of our employees in the customer service areas, and we are seeing our own costs improving,"
-- Brent Dickey, General Manager, Curtis Company, Montgomery, AL

"We spent a lot of hours on training, program improvement and auditing our process. It challenged our employees to be attentive to customer service and to develop ways to improve quality. To cultivate this kind of thinking among your employees is necessary and vital to staying in business."
-- Roy Patterson III, Owner, Patterson Machine, Inc., Union Grove, AL

"The TPM experience really opened our eyes. Not only did it meet our initial hope, but it produced many side benefits that were not even anticipated."
-- Mike Bell, Vice President of Manufacturing, Standard Furniture, Bay Minette & Frisco City, AL

"We began to see that significant improvements could be made -- and to the benefit of the company’s bottom line as well as employee job satisfaction,"
-- Roger Hendrick, President, AmTech, Alexander City, AL

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