Rapid Improvement Event:

Learn to make meaningful improvements fast

An ATAC Rapid Improvement Event, or Kaizen, is taking the lessons learned through our other Lean training courses and implementing them into rapid and meaningful improvements in the actual operation. Rapid Improvement Events are conducted onsite at the company's manufacturing or business operations facility as three- or five-day facilitation sessions.

Rapid Improvement Event: A Rapid Improvement Event (kaizen -- the Japanese word for improvement) implies more than improvement in basic production processes. Kaizen represents a philosophy whereby an organization, and the individuals within it, undertake continual improvements of all aspects of organizational life. Our qualified facilitators work onsite with your personnel to make efficiency improvements to a production area or process over a multiple-day session. During this process, our trainers instill the CI improvements of Lean and impart the knowledge and skill base to your organization to enable continuance and distrainment of those improvements.

For More Information about a Rapid Improvement Event Contact:

Tai Boos; 334.844.3890; atac@auburn.edu