Lean Office:

Learn to apply CI tools to the office environment

Only about 20% of total lead time results from manufacturing activities. In a Lean manufacturing environment, administrative functions also need to be efficient and free of waste and nonvalue- added activities in the process. Through training in Lean Office, participants in this fun and experiential Lean Office course learn the skills necessary to apply Lean problem solving and process efficiency concepts in the office environment.

Lean Office : Our one-day course on Lean Office is designed for personnel in sales, finance, purchasing, service, and all areas of the organization that may be considered as support or administrative functions. The course includes practical examples of how to apply Lean tools such as 5S, the Eight Wastes, and Value Stream Mapping to an office environment.  We teach how to objectively evaluate an office and to identify waste, identify the real customers (internal and external) and understand their requirements.


For more information about Lean office Contact:

Tai Boos; 334.844.3890; atac@auburn.edu